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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 26, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- first lady michelle obama. >> up and at 'em! >> hallie berry. >> they said, don't look her in the face. >> what did you do? >> i looked her in the face. >> cousin sal in brooklyn. >> perfectly good pizza. >> what are you eating? >> okay. look. >> music from ciara. and "unnecessary censorship." >> i just want to make sure, are you [ bleep ] up? >> an all-new "jimmy kimmel live," coming up next. >> i need some carrots. ♪ fruit on friday
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appear in a downy commercial on this very show -- "jimmy kimmel live!" >> i heard about that! that's why i make my own video. look. hello, downy, it's me, guillermo. watch how fresh i can be! >> guillermo, go and clean your room. >> no! i don't want to clean my room. i hate to clean my room. now go to the kitchen and make me some breakfast! >> guillermo! you are being fresh! >> that's right! i am being downy fresh! >> guillermo, go and clean your mess. >> no, no, mommy, no! >> yes! >> no. >> what do you think, jimmy the intern? >> well, you know, guillermo, that's not exactly what i meant by fresh, but -- not bad. >> so did i win? >> no. >> oh. well, go to the kitchen and make me some breakfast, right now. >> yes, sir.
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and plenty of power to spare. it's the little engine that most definitely can. the all new twenty thirteen ford escape. it's what happens when you go further. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- first lady michelle obama. halle berry. and music from ciara. with cleto and the cletones. and now, no nonsense. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live"
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>> jimmy: well, that's very nice. thank you. thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here tonight. this is a big night and i'm glad you are enthusiastic because the first lady, michelle obama is with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] i hope you don't have any candy, because she can smell it on you. [ laughter ] having the first lady here is a big deal for us. you know, we had lady gaga, we had lady antebellum, but this is the first first lady we've had on the show. the first lady is here on the show to encourage us to vet early. it's great, because it's important that everyone makes their voices heard. and b, on election day, you don't have to spend the morning inside an old lady's garage.
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you know, democrats are more likely to vote early than republicans. most republicans are opposed, because they believe that voting starts at conception -- is that how it -- [ laughter ] might have mixed -- i may be mixing two things up, but i do know that -- [ applause ] studies show that votes cast in the days leading up to the election tend to favor the democratic party and votes cast after an election tend to favor the marijuana party. the green party. is that what they call it? [ applause ] i'm looking forward to interviewing the first lady. i sat next to her when i hosted the white house correspondents dinner. hard to have a conversation with newt gingrich yelling "you gonna eat that" over and over again in my ear. and as if having michelle obama here tonight wasn't enough, we'll also be joined by the luminous halle berry tonight, so -- [ applause ] that means we have the first lady and the lady who will probably play the first lady when the movie comes out. i hope i don't get my people
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mixed up. security is very tight tonight. there are secret service agents everywhere. i wasn't even allowed to bring my 6 ounce bottle of finesse into work today. they searched every inch of the studio, right guillermo? >> 10-4 butter ball. >> jimmy: butter ball is my secret service code name. the guys did such a thorough job of searching the place, they found another hulk hogan sex tape today. we have plain clothes secret service agents scattered throughout our audience tonight. you can see, they look like every one of us, like that guy with the palm tree on his shirt. this guy -- oh, he's not with the secret service. the guy on the end? well, he's with jimmy buffet's security team. but there -- masters of disguise, as you can see. veteran secret service lady.
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probably best that we won't point them out. who knew they wore clothes from chico's? i had no idea. because we had so much security here today, they actually made everyone who works here leave the premises for two hours so, we thought that would be a good time to play a prank on one of our security guards, a woman named adelina. her job is to protect me, but mostly, she eats and tries to predict lottery numbers. she goes through a lot of graph paper every day, so -- this morning, before the real secret service got here, we hired a couple of actors to play secret service agents and their directive was to focus on adelina and here's how that went. >> we're the first lady's advance security detail. we have some questions for you. ma'am, i'm going to need you to remove your hair, so it can go down naturally. that's the way your pictures are taken for licenses and passports. >> my hair down? >> just shake it out. we're going to do a quick
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search. >> ma'am, please look at the camera. just going to take fingerprint samples from you. thumb right there. okay. thank you for your cooperation. can you give me a reason why there's a double sock? >> because it keeps my warm. >> double sock. >> we got it. >> double sock situation up here. >> all right. footpri footprint. >> i am adelina. >> no talking, please. i throughouts off the printing process. okay. that's enough. thank you. [ laughter ] okay. that's enough, ma'am. thank you very much.
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show me your gun. >> huh? >> your gun. you have security for jimmy kimmel, you must have a gun. >> no, i -- >> you don't have a gun? >> okay. we'll be right back, ma'am. thank you. >> what is your weight? >> about 160. >> 160 pounds and no firearm. as our last line of defense, we're going to need to suit you up in riot gear, okay? >> are these enhanced or is this real? >> what? >> your chest. >> that's my chest. >> okay. >> y say you were born with those breasts? >> well, they kind of later developed. >> okay. that's more accurate. thank you for that. all right. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, how strong is this sensation? >> 10. >> okay. >> we're going to lose the helmet. okay? >> we just got a return on your facial print and there seems to be some major problems here. just one moment, please. >> i'm going to need backup. all right.
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please stay right there. hands on top of your head, okay? if you see anyone while we're gone, scream at the top of your lungs, scream cantaloupe. >> cantaloupe? >> no, cantaloupe. >> cantaloupe. >> okay, thank you. >> cantaloupe! cantaloupe! [ laughter ] >> we got a hit on your fast print. your face matches a woman that's been smuggling illegal primates into the country so we just need to make sure that's not you. going to send you to the lap. i'm going to have you sink a little. if you are able to produce a stool while you're in there, here's a baggy. here's some oranges, apples, bananas, cream cheese and bagels. >> hot package coming through, please. hot package coming through.
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>> jimmy: again, that's my security. [ applause ] great job, adelina. or terrible job, i'm not sure. which was it? thank you. back to your post. it was -- [ laughter ] a post is where you sit. >> ah, i sit right down the stairway. >> jimmy: i know where you sit. i pass you every day. adelina, everybody. [ applause ] very windy in l.a. today. especially last night. if the wind last night taught me one thing, it's that i'm afraid of the wind. i don't like it when it's win dip. last night, winds got up to 40 miles an hour. they are expected to get up to 65 miles an hour tonight. the winds were so strong, lindsay lohan actually drove in a straight line last night. for the very first time. [ laughter ] this is funny. during the fourth hour of "the today show" this morning, kathie lee and hoda were talking about a survey on spotify of songs
12:15 am
that, quote, get us in the mood. keep an eye on what was going on in the window behind them. this is tonight's edition of "behind the news." >> oh, i like that. pretty. that voice of his. >> yeah, i like that. [ applause ] >> jimmy: hoda is redecorating her dressing room. did i mention the first lady is here tonight? [ cheers and applause ] we have a -- we've got a big plan for next week. we're taking the show on the road to brooklyn, new york. we should be there just in time for the hurricane, which is great. we'll be broadcasting from the brooyn academy of music. as i mentioned, our guests will be chris rock, howard stern, alicia keys, tracy morgan, kelly ripa, jon stewart and stephen
12:16 am
colbert, vampire weekend and david letterman. when we travel our show, which isn't on. we like to send an advance team to spread goodwill. our goodwill ambassador is my cousin sal. we sent him and his hidden cameras to one of the great pete rezas in the world. he worked behind the counter and made some new friends along the way. ♪ >> all right, what can i get you? >> six squares to go. >> sonny, we need six squares. bring him those two for now. i'm going to let my son get those. $13.50. here you go -- oh. >> ah, what are you going to do? bring your kid to work day. >> sorry. >> that's all right. that's okay. he doesn't care. you're my baby. i love you. look at how sweet he is, huh?
12:17 am
all right, that's two. >> don't give me these. >> huh? >> don't give me these. >> the kids just -- >> i'm not going to take them. >> let's not make a big deal. >> i don't want them. >> why not? >> on the floor. are you kidding many e? >> the kid dropped them. >> give them to the kid. >> tell him you didn't mean it -- >> i know he didn't. >> don't embarrass me in front of my kid. that's the whole thing. >> give me six more. >> i'll give you four more. >> no, not give me four more. six more. >> four more, please. is this to go or stay? >> six to go. not these. >> give them to the man. don't drop them this time. all right. one, two, three -- >> i don't want -- >> one, two, three -- >> i don't want these, understand english? they're not good to me. they were on the floor. >> you're going to make him cry. >> that's not my problem. i want two more that were not on the floor. >> bring your son to work day, it's a day. >> listen. i don't care what it is. you absorb the loss. give me two more. >> i don't understand. it's perfectly good. >> you eat it. >> you have a son, right?
12:18 am
>> yes. >> would you humiliate him -- >> i'm not humiliating the boy. >> he's crying. cry. show him how you cry. look, very upset. just take it. >> i'm not taking -- >> you see, now, you spilled that. you see -- >> give me my $13.50 back. >> thas fine. >> you don't give it to me -- >> take a walk. get out of here. >> take a bite. >> i'm not taking it. >> it's for my son. >> i don't care. >> it will make him happy. >> you bite it. >> i did. >> bite it again. >> am i the best father -- >> give me the pizza or give me my money back. >> look in the camera, say hi to jimmy kimmel. >> hi, jimmy. >> see, he's happy. >> give me my $20. >> all right, what you got handsome? >> two squares. >> sonny, you want to get the two squares, please?
12:19 am
>> here you go -- oh. >> that's okay. it's okay. it's okay. >> that's okay. okay. he said it's okay. >> okay. >> he said it's okay. >> sorry about that. >> don't worry about it. >> wipe off some of that hair a little bit. and -- good guy. all right, good, thank you. i appreciate it. yeah, you don't want him to think he did a bad job. >> exactly. >> all right, thank you. >> might be some dust, droppings on that. you'll take care of it at the table. thanks. >> wow. [ applause ] >> jimmy: a lot of good people out there. sal just isn't one of them. and one more thing. it's thursday night. it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc, where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> itany athlete in any era [ bleep ] so hard, so fast. >> governor romney, you won the
12:20 am
toss, you go first. >> [ bleep ] you, bob. >> you ask about reduced [ bleep ] sizes, you said [ bleep ] sizes don't make a difference. >> tornado touched down north of sacramento today, ripping [ bleep ] off roop tops. >> down and dirty in the mud. >> oh! >> sorry, buddy. >> very intimate way to play this game. >> mow many of you [ bleep ] a dog? >> you should not be [ bleep ] your dog. >> can you afford four more years with 23 million americans looking for a [ bleep ] job? >> are you [ bleep ] up? i just want to make sure, are you [ bleep ] up? >> get in front of you and grab the [ bleep ]. now pull, pull, pull! pull, pull, pull! >> jimmy: ah, we have a good show for you tonight. halle berry is here. we have music from ciara.
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and we'll be right back with the first lady, michelle obama, so stick around. [ berman ] one appetizer and two entrees for 20 bucks is a crazy deal!
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. tonight on the program, an oscar, golden globe and emmy winning actress. starting tomorrow, you can see her in multiple roles, in "cloud atlas," halle berry is here. and if that isn't enough, with music from her forthcoming album, "one woman army," ciara from the bud light outdoor stage. and join us next week, we're taking our show to brooklyn, new york, we'll br broadcasting from the brooklyn academy of music. our guests, howard stern, chris
12:26 am
rock, alicia keys, kelly ripa, jon stewart and stephen colbert, vampire weekend, david letterman and more. more means we haven't figured out who else yet, by the way. all right, shall we begin? despite the fact that she's spent most of the last four years trying to replace our corn dogs with cauliflower, our first guest is one of the most popular women in the world. it is my great pleasure to welcome her here tonight. please say hello to the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> great. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: everyone is very excited. >> oh. thank you for having us. >> jimmy: there are people wearing ties -- >> who usually don't?
12:27 am
you guys don't wear ties? they usually do, but there are other characters. >> they are pretty indignant about it. we do. >> jimmy: how are you? everybody okay? >> everything is good. >> jimmy: the last time i saw you was at the white house correspondents dinner. >> you were a wonderful seat mate. >> jimmy: you was nervous and you started talking to me and it really -- thank you, because it really did help me. >> you were hilarious. >> jimmy: thank you. there was a very funny thing that happened, i don't know if you remember. they told everyone before the dinner started to sit down, everyone, take your seats. and everyone in the room, and there were 1,000, maybe 2,000 people in the room, took their cements except for one person. and that was my son, kevin. >> your son. yes. he was misbehaving. >> jimmy: you suddenly yelled, "kevin, sit down!" >> he was trying to get in your head. i was trying to stop him. >> jimmy: he's been sitting ever since. he has not -- he's still in that chair at the hilton. >> but he was talking trash.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: well, you know what? he sometimes doesn't listen to me. like, all -- you miss yelling at your own children in public? >> oh, in public. >> jimmy: because that's one of the great joys of being a parent. >> yeah, yeah. well, you know, i have my ways. >> jimmy: how do you do it? >> you don't move your lips. [ laughter ] it's just, you have that look, and you're like, hey, hey, i said -- you have to smile a little bit more when you're the first lady. >> jimmy: you got you. >> a little contact always helps. >> jimmy: the squeeze. yeah. but generally they behave themselves very well. >> they're great kids. i mean, we are so blessed and they have been so poised and just gracious through all these ups and downs that this life offers them. >> jimmy: it has to be so boring for them in so many ways. we focus on the fact they meet hannah montana or something, but the rest of it is just brutally boring. >> they're still teenagers. they don't have a poker face.
12:29 am
especially when we're doing events and there's, you know, a group of people dancing or they're, you know, how teenagers have that look, like -- [ laughter ] and you look over and you go, are you happy? >> yeah, ye yeah, yeah, we're fine. we have to do that when they sit with their dad's speeches. i mean, the one thing he cares about is, just look like you're listening to me. that was the instruction before he gave his speech at the dnc. we're backstage and they're playing around and they're laughing and giggling. he said, just act like you're listening to me. so, the whole time, i'm clapping and looking over at them, i'm like, smile, smile. they're like, oh, okay. >> jimmy: were they listening? >> barely. >> jimmy: barely, yeah. because it's the last thing you want is a shot of them, you know, looking away. >> yawning while their dad is talking. ing that would be very, very bad. a lot of pressure. i would not have been a good first child. i would have been a terrible first child. my mother probably would have beaten me on camera the first day.
12:30 am
>> well, they're pretty good and they're really good with strangers, they can walk into a room, they're very gracious, they're very friendly. >> jimmy: good for kids to walk into rooms with strangers. are they going to -- halloween, do they still trick or treat, are they too old for that now? >> my oldest one feels like she's a little too old. she will wear a horn or a nose or a tail, that's about it. sasha is still full gear. >> jimmy: and can you trick or treat? is there -- >> yeah, yeah. they trick or treat. they trick or treat every year. halloween, we do a couple of things. we host thousands of kids from area schools, who come to the north portico -- >> jimmy: and you force vegetables down their throat. >> no. >> jimmy: i heard it's the worst party ever. >> there are times of the year when candy is good and halloween is one of them. they get their stuff and some cookies. >> jimmy: your kids, when they get candy, do the secret service guys eat half of everyone one of them to make sure they're okay? >> no, because as long as nobody
12:31 am
knows it's them, which usually they don't know. so, they can -- they go trick or treating, they go with friends and sasha will go this year and, you know, they have a very normal life. they do everything, homecoming dance, games, tournaments. >> jimmy: is there any part of you that wouldn't be so bummed if you didn't win this time around? where you went -- >> absolutely not. >> jimmy: not at all? >> no, no. >> jimmy: because this seems like a big hassle. i would hate to be the first lady. i would be a very bad first lady. >> being president is much harder. i have a different vantage point. but you know, this is about our kids and our future, so, you know, even when barack talked about entering, the politics, period, i was very hesitant for the very same reason. your life is no longer your own, how do you raise your kids? but i thought about the kind of person that i would want to lead the country and i felt that to deny him that right would be selfish. so -- we're in it.
12:32 am
we're in it. >> jimmy: well, that's a pretty -- [ cheers and applause ] because your life is taken from you. if you could have -- if you could have, like, an hour where you could just be a regular person and do whatever you wanted without secret service guys following you or the media following, what would you do? >> i would walk out of the door of the white house, like a regular person, walk down the street, go to the drugstore, go to cvs, go in there, go shop, i go buy my toy will trees, i would pay money. i'd get a receipt. yes. and then i go sit on the park bench and just watch people. >> jimmy: halloween is a great time to do that. put on an elmo costume. roam around. >> there are times when i do kind of disguise it up. it's a little harder because i'm so tall, you know, so, you see people just like of looking at me because i'm tall and then it's like, oh, it's you. but every now and then i try to
12:33 am
sneak out but i don't get to do it that often. >> jimmy: how elaborate are the disguises? a nose and glasses? >> warmup, cap -- i shouldn't tell -- look at what you're doing. >> jimmy: maybe you threw us off. we're going to take a -- >> beard and glasses. >> jimmy: the first lady is here. she would like you to vote early and often. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] ever hear of the angel's share?
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>> jimmy: hi there, we are back
12:38 am
with the first lady, michelle obama. halle berry is on the way. did you meet her? >> she's gorgeous and a sweetheart. >> jimmy: that's why we're having her here. >> good move. >> jimmy: you've been campaigning for your husband for a long time. >> oh, s. >> jimmy: people focus on the presidency, but how long have you been doing this? >> oh, ah, it felt like years, but truly, the campaign started in earnest probably around march for us, april, so -- >> jimmy: even before the presidency, for the senate -- >> oh, yeah, oh. we've done campaigns, i've been out there with clipboards when he was running for state senate. we were knocking, door to door, i mean, me, clipboard, with other volunteers, knocking on doors, getting people's signatures. >> jimmy: you're not doing that anymore. >> don't do that. not right now. >> jimmy: do people say they remember you from that, from your knocking on their door? >> well, this is all in my neighborhood growing up. when he ran, he ran in our, the neighborhood where i grew up. >> jimmy: i see.
12:39 am
>> there are people who definitely remember. >> jimmy: wow, that's got to be a strange thing for them. >> i haven't met anybody who admitted slamming the door in my face, but -- >> jimmy: that did happen? >> oh, yeah. there are people, get off my porch! >> jimmy: see, that's why we have eggs. so, early voting is something that you're talking about and is important and it does make it a lot easier. >> it absolutely does. you know, we live in a country, importa fortunately, where they make sure voting is as easy as possible. early voting is one of those things. i did it, i voted the week before last. i think the president voted early today. but one of the things that allows you to do is vote on your own time. not everybody has time to vote. you don't know what's going to happen on election day. babysitter, you might be sick, car breaks down. but you can vote for weeks in advance in many states if you vote early. and we're encouraging people to vote early and use election day to help get other people to the polls who may need assistant. there may be first time voters,
12:40 am
new voters who would just use a hand at the polls because it is a new experience. >> jimmy: or help them vote early and you don't have to bother. >> you have a point there. >> jimmy: is it too late now to register? >> it varies from state to state, so, we encourage people to go to and you can find your state and find out what the dates and registration da date, so, in some states you can vote early and register, but that's not in every state. >> jimmy: which state, in your opinion, is least important? south dakota, right? is it south dakota? >> every state is important. every vote matters. >> jimmy: what if we forget. what if i forget to vote? >> if you forget?n for that, jimmy. >> jimmy: you do? >> i have a good plan. should we take a look? ♪ ♪
12:41 am
>> election day! up and at 'em! let's go, move it! it's election day! come on, get your shoes on, let's go, move it! >> jimmy: all right, okay! >> you can do it. >> jimmy: okay >> go and vote. >> jimmy: i'm going. >> out the door! and eat some carrots. and have you voted? >> don't worry, mrs. first lady, i already voted. >> thank you, guillermo. >> good night, mrs. first lady. >> good night. >> say hi to your husband. >> absolutely. >> good night. >> thanks for voting. >> your welcome. >> i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you embarrassed me again, mario. thank you so much for being here. great to have you. and people should vote, right? >> people should vote, no matter who you are voting for, vote. that's the point. >> jimmy: thank you very much. the first lady, michelle obama, everyone. election day is november 6th.
12:42 am
we'll be right back with halle berry. ♪ [ crowd cheering ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's makes smiles. smiles make more smiles. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious. "ever ask somebody to lend you a foot?"
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. still to come, music. >> ciara. our next guest is an oscar-winning actress whom you know from many great movies. her latest, alongside tom hanks, is the time-and-space bending epic "cloud atlas," which opens in theaters friday. please say hello to halle berry. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? you know, during the
12:52 am
commercials, the first lady and i were chatting and she was raving about how beautiful you are. and it turned out she was right. >> aw, really? >> jimmy: yes, yes. how are you? everything all right? >> everything is fantastic. >> jimmy: things are going well? >> so happy i'm here. >> jimmy: you've never been here before. we're excited to have you here. >> i know. how has this happened? >> jimmy: i don't know. have you met the first lady before? was this your first meeting? >> no, that was my first time meeting here. >> jimmy: that's crazy. >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you get along okay? >> we did. we did. she told me the craziest thing. >> jimmy: what? >> she said, halle, we have your movie at the white house, and i promise we're going to watch it. and i thought, no, i think you have a few other things you guys need to be thinking about right now. but how great is that? >> jimmy: you have to make -- especially when they do all the stuff that they do. >> yeah, but right now, i this i they got better things to focus on. >> jimmy: maybe so. you're telling them not to watch your movie. >> not right now. i don't want to distract them.
12:53 am
>> jimmy: have you met other world leaders? you've been around awhile. you go to a lot of places. have you met everybody there is to meet? >> well, not everybody. but let's say. i met the queen of england. >> jimmy: that's a big one. what is it like to meet the queen? >> well -- nice, let me say that. i met her on my bond tour. i did a james bond movie and that's part of the protocol. you do a premiere and the queen and everybody comes and they sort of got us prepped to meet the queen. and they told us that when we meet her, we just can't look her in the face. and i thought, well, then, what's the point? [ laughter ] i mean -- i get, you know, don't touch her. >> jimmy: you're supposed to look down? >> yeah, don't look her in the face. i thought, i can't meet the queen and not look her in the face. >> jimmy: what did you do? >> i looked her in the face. >> jimmy: you did the right thing. [ applause ] i would imagine that -- i bet she doesn't know about that rule. >> she can't know about that rule. >> jimmy: who would want that?
12:54 am
it's like having a house full of teenagers. [ laughter ] it really is. >> or somebody just trying to play a really cruel joke on me and make me do something very inappropriate. >> jimmy: you need to surround yourself with better people. >> i do. >> jimmy: now, this is interesting. this is the new -- this is not a commercial or anything, but this is the dodge viper. the designer of this vehicle said he modeled this after you. after your body. are you candy apple red that we don't -- he said, i think he said something to the effect, it was supposed to look like you laying on your side on the beach. he's a pervert is what i'm trying to tell you. [ laughter ] >> well, the funny thing is, i went to my fiance, i said, you have heard about this car, the whole story, he said, yeah, i said, what about -- i said, to you, honey, what looks like me in this car? i'm like, what is -- is the, like, is the back side like super big? like, you know?
12:55 am
does it have a nice rack? like, what -- [ laughter ] what, tell me how this, you know, i just want to see myself more clearly. he can't quite figure it out. >> jimmy: i can't figure it out, either. i think they were just bored in the shop is probably what was going on. you know, the -- i don't know if you are aware of this, but the ford aero-star mini van was designed after my body. that is true. i have more pictures. this movie "cloud atlas" it looks like a come los us. how many characters do you play in this movie? >> i play six. >> jimmy: six characters. very tyler perry of you, first of all. >> i know. very ma diaw. >> jimmy: they look very different, these characters. do you know the name of each one of those? >> yeah, this is a german-jewish woman in 1935. >> jimmy: it looks a little bit like ma dadonna in "evita."
12:56 am
>> everybody says this. >> jimmy: this is -- >> i'm an old native in the early 1800s. like, a slave. >> jimmy: that's crazy. did your daughter see you in these ensembles? >> she saw me in one of them that you'll see. >> jimmy: that one seems just like you in the '70s. >> that's in the '70s. >> jimmy: uh-huh. okay. >> that's me way, way, way in the future with the things under the skin that help you communicate. >> jimmy: this is you with a big, red szit on your nose. what is that? >> that's an indian woman. in 2012. >> jimmy: okay. and this -- >> that is -- now, that's the one that just freaked my daughter -- >> jimmy: oh, all right. >> look at the teeth, like -- it looks like the breath sinks, doesn't it? >> jimmy: how long did it take you to get into this? >> like eight hours. >> jimmy: that is crazy. and what is this character? >> he is a corkorean doctor, wan
12:57 am
the future and he's got this device on his eye that is animated and it helps him see inside the body and he can see disease and sickness. >> jimmy: that's pretty great. that's excellent. was it fun or kind of a nightmare? >> no, it was fun. it was the best fun i've ever had on a movie. >> jimmy: what is the idea of the movie? can you summarize it for us? >> the movie is about one of the big things is reincarnation, we've all thought about that. where were we before we were here and what happens when we die? do we go on and on or are we just dust and poof and that's just it. so, the movie deals with that and it deals with how important decisions are that we make. every act of cruelty or act of kindness reverberates for generations to come. things we do, things we don't do all have consequences and helps move forward or take us backwards. so, it's just a broad look on, you know end the farther part t
12:58 am
of us play. >> jimmy: we have a clip. do you need to set this up for this. >> i'm in the '70s, and my character is faced with the unique choice, and she has a moment in time where she can make one of those choices, like i told you about, and she can sort of change the way big business and capitalism is handled and she is faced with that and someone is trying to kill her because they think she's very close to busting up big oil companies. >> jimmy: the movie is called "cloud atlas." take a look. >> somebody just forced me off the bridge. >> this is out of control. >> do you though who did it? >> contractor who calls himself bill smoke. and -- >> what? he got saks. the press is blaming the plo.
12:59 am
he was a threat. like you. >> jimmy: wow, that's -- tom hanks is amazing in that. incredible. >> good black man, wasn't he? >> jimmy: great to have you here. real pleasure. the movie is called "cloud atlas." it opens in theaters on friday. halle berry, everybody. we'll be right back with ciara.
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>> jimmy: her album, "one woman army," comes out later this fall. here with the song, "sorry," ciara. ♪ >> now y'all feeling tonight? yeah! have you ever heard the one you love tell you sorry? i'm going to tell you about mine. ♪ august fourth we were chillin at the house said i'm done i told you to get out ♪ ♪ didn't mean a word that i said
1:03 am
cuz i was hopin you would come back ♪ ♪ cause i tried and tried and i cried and cried up late at night and i hurt i tried to fight ♪ ♪ and i cried to god oh please let it just work and i'm goin crazy with you you got me so confused ♪ ♪ cause you walked away and i walked away and we should have stayed baby ♪ ♪ all you had to do is say that i'm sorry baby i'm sorry and i'm in love with you ♪ ♪ baby i want this baby i want this say baby i'll do what it takes ♪ ♪ and i will be here all the way baby all you had to do is say that i'm sorry ♪ ♪ baby i'm sorry you wanna know if i was movin on without you i miss you miss you ♪ ♪ miss you i miss you to tell the truth
1:04 am
i been thinkin bout you lately ♪ ♪ i miss you miss you miss you i miss you christmas day you said you had a ring ♪ ♪ but you changed your mind too caught up in the streets boy your truth is hard to believe ♪ ♪ why are you really scared of me cause i tried and tried and i cried and cried ♪ ♪ up late at night and i hurt cause i put in mine i worked overtime ♪ ♪ and you never put in your work and i'm going crazy with you you got me so confused ♪ ♪ cuz you walked away and i walked away and we should have stayed baby ♪ ♪ all you had to do is say that i'm sorry baby i'm sorry and i'm in love with you ♪ ♪ baby i want this baby i want this say baby i'll do what it takes ♪ ♪ and i will be here all the way baby


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